06 Jul 2017
2020 UN target for road casualty reduction is unlikely to be achieved

Despite the strongest ever UN mandate for action on road safety the Sustainable Development Goal to halve road injury casualties worldwide is unlikely to be achieved by the target date of 2020.

Recognising the challenges of casualty reduction and identifying an action plan beyond 2020 were the key issues raised by Towards Zero Foundation Senior Fellow David Ward speaking today at the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) chaired by Barry Sheerman MP in London.

“It is clear that the SDG target is unlikely to be achieved by 2020. Progress has at best flat lined, and too few countries, apply effective road safety policies and legislation for the main behavioural risk factors or apply minimum standards for vehicle and road construction. Best practice in road injury prevention remains concentrated in high income countries.”

“Funding for global road safety initiatives remains wholly inadequate. With the notable exception of the Bloomberg Philanthropies, the FIA Foundation and some official bilateral donors resources at present are far below the estimated $770 million per year required to achieve the reductions in road fatalities and serious injuries envisaged by the SDGs.”

Both Ward and Sheerman highlighted the recently launched Manifesto #4RoadSafety which proposes ten recommendations for parliamentarians worldwide in support of the road safety SDGs.

The Manifesto endorses the WHO Save Lives package, the Safe Systems approach, and promotes occupational road safety, good governance in road injury prevention, funding for road safety, and further mainstreaming of road safety best practices by the Multilateral Development Banks. Recognising the challenges of the 2020 target, the manifesto proposes the adoption of a new post 2020 target to halve road deaths and serious injuries by 2030.

David Ward concluded:

“The Manifesto #4RoadSafety offers an opportunity to refocus the objectives of the SDGs with a realistic new deadline and the road map to do so. It is particularly important to support and empower legislators as they will be critical actors especially in low and middle income countries. The Towards Zero Foundation is proud to have helped develop and support this initiative in consultation with the WHO and parliamentarians worldwide.”

Click here for a copy of the presentation given today.



The Towards Zero Foundation is a UK registered charity working internationally to encourage a world free from road fatalities. The Foundation serves as platform for co-operation between organisations committed to the application of the Safe System approach to road injury prevention that aim to eliminate road deaths and promote sustainable mobility.

The Global Forum for Road Safety Legislators serves as an open platform to exchange best practices in road safety policies and law-making, and to encourage more countries to adopt comprehensive road safety strategies consistent with the aims UN Decade of Action for Road safety 2011-2020 and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The Global Network is hosted by the Towards Zero Foundation, a UK registered charity whose patron is HRH Prince Michael of Kent.

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