17 Jan 2020
A New Target for a Decade of SDG Action for Road Safety

Mr Tomas Eneroth MP
Minister of Infrastructure
Ministry of Infrastructure
Government of Sweden
SE-103 33

17 January 2020

Dear Minister

On behalf of the Towards Zero Foundation I would like to thank the Swedish Government for hosting the forthcoming 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety and for your extensive preparations of this important event.

I am pleased to send you the enclosed Memorandum we have published today on the subject of ‘A New Target for a Decade of SDG Action for Road Safety’. The Memorandum is based on the conclusions of an expert international workshop that we co-hosted with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development during last year’s 5th UN Global Road Safety Week.

The Memorandum recommends setting a new global target to halve road deaths and serious injuries (#50by30). We are also strongly in favour of setting related #50by30 regional targets as the European Union has already done. Regional targets can help to reinforce a global #50by30 commitment and serve as a strong catalyst for countries to improve their national road safety performance. Our Memorandum echos the similar recommendation included in the Academic Expert Group Report ‘Beyond 2020: The Next Steps’.

We are also very pleased to see that setting a new #50by30 target has been included in the draft Stockholm Declaration. We hope that our Memorandum will reinforce the likelihood that both the Stockholm Conference and subsequently the UN General Assembly will endorse #50by30 as new benchmark for progress towards a world eventually free from road fatalities and serious injuries.

I hope you find our Memorandum of interest and look forward to a very positive outcome to the 3rd Global Ministerial Conference.

Best wishes
David Ward
President & CEO

Download the full memorandum here: